1. Getting back into Sailor Moon

  2. Sometimes I just really like drawing dresses, especially wedding dresses

  3. A better drawing of Aya I doodled while waiting at work

  4. konarediss:

    Waiting for the bus at a McDonalds’s; poorly doodled Aya

    Reblogging to my art blog

  5. Quick update of this. I’m debating if I could keep it shaded or ink and colour?

  6. thecavedrawingsofrai:

    Goddess Maka?!

    So, I drew Goddess Maka back in August and haven’t touched it all too much since I posted it the first time, but with the recent Greek Hades and Persephone AU fanfic Hades in a Handbasket by Marsh of Sleep, I feel I should finish it.

  7. First draft

    Update on my Tsubaki Nakatsukasa drawing

  8. Don’t look at the bad anatomy.

  9. Make Albarn. Her eyebrows are uneven. Don’t tell Kidd.

  10. Rikiya Gao by ~TetsuDragon
    Wow, this an old drawing from high school, but its still one of the best I have ever done.